You’ve got their attention. Now what?


nurturing insurance prospectsCongratulations! You’ve executed several different marketing projects to grow your brand and your business. You’ve expanded your email list, started a newsletter, and are regularly spending time at networking events meeting people who are potential clients. What will you say to them?

It can be somewhat daunting to envision all the ways that you can communicate with your prospects, but start by remembering how they became prospects first: they want what you’re offering.

When you began your search for an E&O liability policy provider, you knew what your need was and went looking for the right product to fulfill it. Similarly, your job now is to continue the conversation with your prospects to show them how you can meet their insurance needs. Nurturing prospects is as critical to your marketing program as water is to your garden.

Be mindful that close to 75% of a buyer’s journey is done before that person is ready to talk to a product specialist. This means your prospects are doing online research, asking friends and colleagues for recommendations and perusing review sites. You can engage them and keep your offering on their radar by delivering those important details to them. Start by understanding their buying journey.

For newsletter subscribers who are already clients, you have the perfect opportunity to up-sell them on additional products. Invite them to evaluate their current insurance coverage and identify any gaps.  Either offer to personally assist with that evaluation or point them to an online tool that your company may provide. Those who are not yet clients will want educational information, not a hard sell. While your competition may be jamming their inboxes with desperate-sounding pleas for business, wouldn’t it be nice if you delivered them informative and helpful details about how your product will improve their lives?

New prospects who are just learning about you and your services need to hear more information regarding how it benefits them. Nowhere else in the buying journey is the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) acronym more pronounced. Storytelling is a useful outreach tool for these prospects. Tell them about current client success stories, pitfalls avoided, and the security that your product enables. They will identify with these stories and inevitably, your brand will gain more credence.

Be prepared to adjust the content you share with prospects and existing clients based on where they are in the buying journey. Have they only just heard of you? Time to present yourself as a helpful subject matter expert. Do they know you, but want to continue with some tire-kicking?  Explain how your offering exceeds that of the others they may be researching.  Are they already a client?  Thank them and continually ask what else you can do to be of assistance.

In this fast moving, often over-crowded information age, it’s challenging, but not impossible to differentiate the message to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes, and in their position on the buying journey, then give them exactly what they need. Show them what’s in it for them, and you will undoubtedly come away with a win for you!

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