Long Term Care Insurance – Agent’s Rewards: Part 2

Big family with children have lunch outdoors. Parents with 3 kids and grandmother eat in the garden. Picnic for mother, father, baby boy, toddler girl and teenager child. Generations and retirement.

While most agree that trying to sell a Long Term Care Insurance Policy can be very time consuming and disappointing, knowing that someone is able to preserve assets and avoid family stress because they have Long Term Care Insurance, is certainly very rewarding.

A daughter, that cared for her aging and widowed Mother while trying to raise an infant and care for 3 other children, made up her mind that she was never going to have her grown children in that situation. Although she tried to secure Long Term Care Insurance for herself and her husband, her husband did not qualify due to health reasons. She knew that she was probably going to have to use their savings to care for her dear husband and did not want to see their savings further depleted if she needed long term care. She proceeded to purchase a policy.

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