Consider Errors & Omissions Certificates Prior to Spring Cleaning

E&O certificate spring cleaning

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the temperatures are warming and nature is beginning to bloom. All sure signs that spring has arrived! This is the time of year to purge old file information and to start the spring cleaning process – but wait!

Before you start cleaning ‘house’ and purging old document files, do keep in mind the importance of maintaining prior Errors and Omissions Certificates. An agent may think that since the Errors and Omissions Certificates are years old and may just be taking up space the certificates are no longer needed since the agent has their most current Certificate of Insurance. However, at the time of a claim, an agent will need to provide proof of prior, continuous Errors and Omissions coverage to the claim department handling the matter so that a prior acts retroactive date can be determined.

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