If you’d like to have an E&O claim, make sure you…

Best seller ribbon awardOnly advise your clients and potential clients what is covered under their policy; they do not need to know what their policy excludes.

Research has shown that clients and potential clients are more interested in what is not covered by their policy than what is. A good practice is to provide specimen policies and riders with proposals. This will help clients and potential clients have a better understanding of their policy benefits. This will also allow the client or potential client to identify any concerns. By furnishing this information, clients and potential clients may ask you to sell them additional protection.

Sell your clients and potential clients what you want them to have and do not ask them what they actually need.

Failure to provide proper insurance is one of the top causes of errors & omissions claims. Be sure to conduct an analysis of your clients’ insurance needs and what they hope to accomplish by having you handle their insurance. Have the client or potential client sign-off on any insurance recommendations you make which they elect not to purchase.

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