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Agents and the New Year Hustle

As you pushed yourself away from the Thanksgiving dinner table, did you wince when thinking that just a month later it would be very close to the end of 2017 or did you smile?  Now that 2018 has arrived, do you have a game-plan ready?

Over the past year, did you find ways to improve yourself as an insurance professional?  If the year was just a blur, here are some suggestions to contemplate embracing for the New Year.

  1. Prepare all year-end documentation for tax filing. It will be due before you know it!
  2. Organize all client files – making sure that your documents are in chronological order.
  3. While reviewing files, put those aside that are due for a letter giving them a brief description of the insurance you placed. For example, if you wrote Long Term Care Insurance, contact the insurer for current values of their benefits and share that news with your clients.  Often times, clients are very pleased with how their inflation protection has grown their benefits. Hopefully, you included inflation protection on every sale and if your client opted not to have it, you carefully pointed out the reasons why that would not be a good choice and had them sign off on their decision. Make sure this and any similar documentation are part of your client files.
  4. Schedule phone calls to your clients, usually around a birthdate so that you can extend a greeting and also see if they have any questions.
  5. Make time to ask current clients for referrals and be sure to thank them and treat each referral like gold.
  6. Educate yourself fully on your companies’ new product offerings. Do not sell what you do not know.
  7. Makes sure that you are working toward fulfilling your Continuing Education requirements and don’t let that effort wait until the last minute.
  8. Check your current E&O Insurance and mark your calendar so that you can be certain it is renewed and you avoid any gaps in coverage. Gaps in your E&O coverage will have you  losing coverage for any professional services you rendered in the past… and, loss of prior acts coverage would have you funding your own defense in the event of an E&O claim.
  9. Perhaps it would be smart to work toward an industry recognized designation that reflects your commitment to continued learning.
  10. Volunteer – find a way to give back to your community and support those in need.

By taking time to make sure you have updated your files and touched base with clients, you will be using a great E&O risk management tool that may very well work in preventing clients from becoming claimants.  Educating yourself is always time well spent and so much can be learned through on-line coursework.

Having a plan in place for the New Year will support your goals to accomplish more sales by setting out on clutter free path to continued success!

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