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Time to Shine: How to make your best impression on prospects

make your best impressionAs an insurance agent, your goal each day is to work toward producing sales and servicing any needs of existing clients. Although you have your E&O Insurance in place to protect your livelihood, once you have been given the opportunity to meet with a prospective client for the first time, it’s up to you to do more than show up—you need to shine.

Oftentimes, prospects meet with more than one agent, unless they have a solid referral from a family member or friend and find that once they meet you, they trust you. It’s important to shine regardless of whether or not you make a sale, because chances are your prospect has other family members and friends.

Although they may decide against purchasing insurance, if they like you, they will mention your name to others. And although you may not have made a sale, having someone who will pass your name along to others shows that you succeeded in making a good impression.

For many, making a good impression is a part of everyday living. For the new agent or the agent who’s feeling weary, however, it’s important to be sure that you are putting forth your best effort when you meet with professional liability coverage prospects.

Here are some suggestions to follow:

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Smart Ways to Get Involved in Selling

An insurance agent is always looking for ways to make their name known so that when the time comes, those looking to purchase insurance will choose that agent to assist them.

There are many ways to become remembered and respected as a professional insurance agent, but you must work at it.  An agent’s profession involves so much more than selling insurance products, making sure you pay your E&O Insurance premium each year, and providing proof of E&O Insurance to your Companies. One of the most important pieces of a successful insurance agent’s career is being known and respected in the community and among colleagues.

How should an agent plan to grow their business and build their reputation in their community? Get involved! Here are a few ways to do just that:

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