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Rise Above the Noise to Find Insurance Customers

E&O insuranceMany agents remember the days when selling your value proposition was as simple as having a slick brochure, business card, or well-designed ad in the yellow pages.

Now there are dozens of channels for marketing your service and the number seems to increase each year. With an intensely competitive landscape, how do you get your message heard above all the rest? The most important tactic to employ is to reach your audience where they are.

Similar to the way you sought out E&O insurance when you needed it, it benefits you to have information on your products strategically placed where your prospects are looking. Though demographic lines are slowly beginning to blur, it is still possible to identify the channels that are meaningful to your target audience.

Would you advertise your luxury yacht building company on a college campus? How about your new line of crafting supplies at a Harley riders’ convention? Not likely! For those same reasons, you want to position information about your E&O insurance offering in the places where those who need it can be found.

Consider these tips for getting your message heard:

  1. Become a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Are you highly respected in your field of concentration? Reach out to professional associations who host luncheons and conferences to consider having you sit on a panel or be their keynote speaker. Think of the value of a room full of potential clients with all eyes trained on you! SMEs are also sought after to author articles in relevant trade publications.
  2. Digital Marketing. This takes many forms, from creating email lists to having a presence in Social Media. Do you need a Facebook page to advertise life, health or disability policies? Probably not, as your best prospects are not spending their time on that site searching for those products. You should, however, have a robust presence on LinkedIn, the #1 business networking site in the world. Develop an email list to which you can send regular updates in the form of newsletters or product information. Be aware of laws that govern spam, such as not sending to anyone in Canada and including the mandatory one-click unsubscribe link.
  3. Ask for referrals. Do you have a client who is particularly happy with your product and service? Ask him or her to spread the word within their network. Do something nice in return, like dinner out or a delivery to their office of an item they like. These actions leave lasting impressions and keep you top-of-mind.
  4. If you feed them, they will come. Host a lunch-and-learn at your office (if it’s large enough) or at a local restaurant. Keep the invitation list small at first until you can accurately gauge interest. Treat it mostly as a social event, but include at least a half-hour presentation on your product and your expertise. Mixing and mingling with the guests will also bolster those relationship building efforts.
  5. Print or web advertising. Trade publications offer an excellent opportunity for you to reach the eyes of those who most need your insurance. Ask the publication how large their readership is, versus their website viewers, and make a decision based on those data. Web ads can now be hyper-targeted based on geography, and the search terms recently used by the reader.

In addition to these tools, remember to always be creative. You’re in the business to grow your business and every interaction you have with someone who finds value in your products is a chance to expand your footprint in the insurance industry. A combination of some or all of these activities will lead to a marked increase in your name recognition, and in your success.


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