While the Steaks are Sizzling on the Grill, Are You Taking Full Advantage of the Summer?

Life Insurance for Grads & HomebuyersTo many, this question leads to the thoughts of exciting getaways and vacations.  While “the many” will be doing just that, a smart agent will use the summer months to sprinkle seeds, develop meaningful relationships and cultivate potential clients.

As graduation parties and weddings are taking place, an agent should keep their eyes on those announcements.

Agents should also check the notices regarding homes that are sold in their marketing area. Summer time is moving time especially for families with children.

An agent might want to consider gifting prospects with a basic book about financial planning.  Include a nice, sturdy, laminated bookmark, tucked just inside the cover.  The agent will want to make sure their bookmark includes all the ways that they can be reached via text, email, phone and website, which should be mobile friendly and informative.

First time homebuyers and second time homebuyers may be curious to see just how affordable a good term life insurance policy can be.  While the agent is providing information on life insurance, they can certainly address some of the “what if’s” and talk about disability income insurance and retirement planning.

It is often said that millennials prefer to buy on-line; however, if an agent plants their seeds early and recognizes various milestones in peoples’ lives, the agent may just become a reliable source of meaningful information.  Once trusted, the agent may also earn the opportunity to handle their prospects’ insurance needs as well as the privilege to advise their new clients’ family members, friends and colleagues.

Agents never forget that so much business is generated through referrals.  Millennials are very social, just look at the amount of breweries that have popped up, along with trendy eateries. Summer months call people outdoors to enjoy themselves.  A successful agent’s work hours never fit the 9-5 mold.  A savvy agent will find popular places to prospect.  So many millennials are earning good salaries but putting insurance purchases behind having fun.

While an agent is looking to grow their client base, they should not overlook the value of a good business to business relationship.  The accomplished producer should contact the Property & Casualty insurance agencies that are sprinkled throughout their marketing territory.  Getting to know agency owners may prove to be mutually beneficial for both parties.  Some Property & Casualty agents are not license to sell Life, Accident & Health and, those that are, often only do it to accommodate a request from an existing client with a limited menu of products.  An ambitious agent that latches onto a P&C agency in need of a respected producer to refer their clients to has struck gold.

As the successful agent starts to get feedback on the outreach that has been done over the summer, their file should be noted as to how each client relationship started.  This is important not only for the agent’s risk management E&O documentation, but it will help the agent know where to focus energy in the future.

Agents that take advantage of the summer months will enjoy the rewards of having increased their sales opportunities.

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